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The complexity of divorce and mortgage planning means you need a professional with expertise in addressing the unique needs of homeowners who are ending their marriage. A Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP®) has completed specialized training from the Divorce Lending Association to help them understand how family law and financial and tax planning affect real property and mortgage planning.

Because a CDLP® takes a holistic view of the divorce mortgage planning process, they can also help you integrate mortgage financing into your short-term and long-term financial and investment goals. This will help you reduce tax liability and interest expenses while maximizing your post-divorce cash flow.

Whew, ok, what does all that mean? Divorce is hard. There can be a lot of emotions, tensions may be high and on top of it all you are dividing up everything you own and maybe trying to qualify for a mortgage when you haven’t had a job outside of the home for years!

That is where I come in. As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional or CDLP® for short, I have taken extensive training to help your divorce team navigate you through the mortgage planning process.

How is this different than just any loan officer?

As your CDLP® I will be a part of your professional divorce team, working closely with your family law lawyer, mediator, CPA or accountant, and Certified Divorce Financial Planner.

I work hand and hand with your divorce team and ensure your martial settlement is written in a manner to allow you to obtain the loan you need.

This is also important when it comes to spousal support and/or child support.

When we meet, you will receive a free Divorcing Your Mortgage Homeowner Workbook which is a helpful guide to managing debt and preparing your finances.

This is only a very small peek at the services I provide, all of which are at no cost and no obligation to you or your team.

For more information on the Divorce Lending Association, please visit www.jolenesaizcdlp.com

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Divorce Assistance Inquiry

Divorce Assistance Inquiry