Meet Our Team

meet our team

Jolene Saiz - Loan Specialist

Fax: (888) 534-2058

Jolene is an outgoing, fun-loving personality with a dedication to service and success. She runs her business on the principle of true integrity in her actions, not just her words. Her daily goal is to learn one new thing a day and to make one person laugh. a day. Getting a loan shouldn’t be hard work or tedious, when you do a loan with Jolene, she does a loan with personality!

Jolene enjoys the world of mortgage for her unusual love of numbers, the fact that she can’t not talk to people (her kids hate that, “Mom stop talking to strangers”) and the uniqueness of each loan and strategy it requires to bring to close.

She applies her own personal experience of home buying, first as a single mom buying a home with Down Payment Assistance and years later feeling as if the loan officer neglected to value her as the stay at home co-borrower and her inexperience leaving her lost in the whole process. Knowing how it feels to be low income or not understand the mortgage process at all, Jolene is committed to providing exceptional customer service and to exceed her families’ exceptions of what a the mortgage process should be.

As a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, (CDLP), Jolene has extensive training and knowledge on how divorce will affect future mortgage planning. Her role is to be a key player in the divorce team from the beginning by helping identify any potential conflicts between the divorce settlement, the mortgage, and the real property. She realizes how emotional and stressful this journey is and walks it with you with empathy.

She is a wife of 20 years, mom to 3 children that she cherishes above all, and a grandma to one with one on the way.

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